Friday, 12 October 2018

The Man Who Voted For Australia Chapter 9

Jeff has an uncomfortable meeting with his very-British brother in which he begins to suspect the rumours about him are true. He learns that the Chinese woman is working for his brother, which makes him suspect her agenda, and he is invited by his son to go with the grandchildren and their other, Turkish, grandparents, to an Anzac Day ceremony. All of this is moving the story forward but something is missing. I think the problem is that Jeff's racist undertones are not relevant here - so where is the conflict?

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Making my hero reader-friendly

Working on a chapter today in which my hero is taking the bad guy role, expressing the opinions he will eventually reconsider and modify as the novel progresses. The difficulty is keeping the reader interested and sympathetic instead of antagonistic. In this chapter I've tried to do that by having the people he is talking take opposite, more acceptable views while clearly admiring and liking my character. I think I achieved it in both A New Era For Manny Youngman and The Man Who Didn't Like People, but it may be harder in The Man Who Voted For Australia because it touches on anti-Muslim feelings and there are racist elements that some could find offensive. My point is that most people have some racist feelings, however suppressed, and my hero is facing up to his and working his way through them. Hope that's coming through the words.

Friday, 28 September 2018

A good feeling

Local Shire Councillor Dave Tapley came up to me at a function yesterday to congratulate me on my books. He said he read The Man Who Didn't Like People in two sittings and went straight on to A New Era For Manny Youngman, which he thought was the better of the two although he liked them both. I have to admit I like it when people like my stuff. Makes me feel that self-publishing has been worthwhile after going all those years of writing without anyone reading what I had written.
Meanwhile both places in town which stock my books report sales and I should soon be getting the report on my first month of E-book and hard copy sales through Ingram Spark.
With all that and the progress I am making on The Man Who Voted For Australia I'm feeling pretty good about my writing at present.

Monday, 24 September 2018


I've got a lot of darlings to kill in both the novels I have been working on. It is tempting at times to create characters to highlight one aspect of a story but then have to do something with them, so they take on a life of their own, cluttering up the plot and distracting from the main story line. Several of the possible suspects in Murder For A Grandmother  and an MP and a some of the hero's staff in The Man Who Voted For Australia are going to disappear. It is going to mean a bit of work but I think both novels are going to be a lot better for it. On an editor's advice I am also going to rename Murder For A Grandmother. It is now The Grey Nomad Detectives' First Case. Other books will be The Grey Nomad Detectives' Second Case etc. The grey nomad's idea is the one which will attract attention to the books.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Rockingham Writers Convention

I'll be attending the Rockingham Writers Convention this weekend. Sessions I have booked in for include Presentation Skills for Authors, Marketing and Promotion and Crime Writing and there will be a panel discussion on independent v traditional publishing. Representatives of Fremantle Press, Escape Publishing and Wild Eyes Press and literary agent Jane Novak will be hearing pitch sessions but I have nothing to pitch this time round. This convention is unlike others because it aims at writers and not readers. Among the authors taking part will be David Whish-Wilson, Natasha Lester, Shona Husk, Claire Boston, Teena Raffa Mulligan, Tess Woods, Kate Cuthbert, Julie Lawrinson, Deb Fitzpatrick and Katy Dell, none of whom are million sellers but all with several books published and a growing readership.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Chapter 2

Worked on Chapter 2 of my Australia Day novel yesterday. Still not sure of the exact title but that can wait until the draft is finished. In Chapter 2 we learn about Jeff's family and he discovers that one of his daughters is for changing Australia Day and the other against. Both want him to support their cause but he is not very interested either way. Instead he consults his son about the proposition Matt has put to him and finds he is very much in favour. I spent quite a bit of time on the revision of this chapter fleshing out the family atmosphere, bringing in the grandchildren and having Jeff react with them, the idea being to give him a more human face as well as establish the family dynamics.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Australia Day revisited

Spent the morning revising the first chapter of A Vote For Australia and felt myself back in the groove where I want to be. Some of the reading I have been doing in my writing hiatus had given me some insights I think have helped the first chapter, particularly making the opening work better. I also added more description of the scene and the characters on the basis that some of my previous writing has been a little too spare. If on future reads it looks like too much padding I can take it out again but for the moment it seems to be giving the scene more substance.
The plan is to concentrate entirely on this novel. I've put Murder For A Grandmother and the Grey Nomads to one side as being too big a project to be undertaking right now and not in keeping with the author brand I am developing with A New Era For Manny Youngman and The Man Who Didn't Like People.