Sunday, 15 November 2015

Spending too much time marketing Manny. Two days spent visiting bookshops gave me something to put on my website but it was all on consignment so nothing I can call a sale. Now I have to get people to go to those bookshops. At least I am now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and most of the other book sites. Have to hope all the other things I am doing produce sales. I feel like I'm firing a shot gun in the hope something will hit somewhere. The advice I have read all seems to say the same things but none of it offers evidence of any one strategy that produces confirmable sales. I'm know why other authors have said they gave up and just went back to their writing, leaving the rest to luck. But then I also understand why so many of them ended up with low sales and boxes of unsold books.
It's our local Book Fair this weekend so maybe that will give sales a boost.