Monday, 18 June 2018

I'm being framed

Walpole's incredible Petrichor Art Gallery has agreed to take three of my poems, frame them and exhibit them for sale as art works. The three are Tingle Tree, Tingle Tree; Down Deep Road and Why lovely, tree. All are set locally, with the tingle tree particularly being an iconic feature of the local landscape.
The aim is to test the market to see if tourists would be interested in them as unusual souvenirs of this area, and also to see whether local people would be interested in buying them.
If they are, I have three more poems ready for framing.
Petrichor gallery owners Liz and David Edmonds believe there will be a market for them and are very enthusiastic about the project.
Meanwhile I am still putting together a collection of my poetry which I hope to publish as an anthology later this year.