Monday, 18 April 2016

Another satisfactory author talk yesterday. Audience was the Como Probus Club. Generated some laughs and questions which is always a good sign. Also sold some books and spoke to some people who plan to download from Amazon so that is all gratifying. Had notes in front of me but worked largely without them so I'm feeling much more confident about my presentation.
My writing is a bit stalled at the moment as I settle into new accommodation and try to make a go of living by myself, I had thought that writing being a solitary occupation I would find it ok but I now think having a solitary occupation is fine if you then have someone to talk to when you have had enough of being solitary. I know the answer - I've given the advice to enough other writers I should be able to apply it to myself - just start writing; get into a routine and the writing will flow. I will, I will.