Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Broke my writing slump by coming to Badja in NSW to stay with fellow writer Paula Boer and her husband Pete. Long talks with Paula and walks around their rural property have refocused my thoughts on my writing and while I have not made huge strides forward I am working through what I have already written, giving it a new edge that was lacking. My aim is to stay with the braided format I developed for the Grey Nomad series but at the same time to keep one of the characters in the forefront for the reader to identify with. I have also been rereading some Dick Francis novels. Although my style is not the same I can see the craftmanship in his work and try to get the same focus on story and easy flow of the narrative. Couple more days here and I head home where the test will be whether I can sustain this focus and not be distracted by the realities of the way my life has turned out.