Saturday, 7 December 2019

Reached the quarter mark

Past 20,000 words or about a quarter of the new novel in the Grey Nomads series. The rhythm of writing every day is very satisfying and I am resisting the urge to edit and rewrite, focusing on the next scene or chapter and getting the words onto the page. I've just completed a chapter set in one of my favourite Rockingham cafes and my next chapter will include a development in the romantic story line. I've also been re-reading one of the Alan Hunter Inspector Gently novels and reminding myself why I like his writing style. He is able to include the emotions behind the words, which is one of things I think distinguishes a very good writer. Jane Austen was a good example. Her language may seem archaic now with the longer sentences and stilted phrases, but you always know what her characters are feeling and what is driving their words and actions, That's the essence of good story telling.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Discipline v emotions

Maintaining levels of emotion to build up tension and lead to climaxes is one of the hardest parts of writing a novel, but fortunately it does not all have to be done in the first draft. The focus has to be on discipline, getting a minimum number of words on the page each day and keeping the story lines moving. Often this means leaving some of the emotional triggers for a later revision. Choice of certain words, settings and even character traits do not always come to mind immediately and time can be wasted scratching the head and searching for the mot juste. It's one of the joys of having already written and published two novels that I am now aware how the process works, at least for me. I can write what I know is not up to my highest standard with the assurance that when I come back to it, I will have the whole of my story in my head, know what I need my characters to do, and give them the emotional layers they need. What's more, it's something I can look forward to, because it is in applying the fine detail that the writer's craft can be most satisfying.