Thursday, 2 November 2017

November 2 2017
My head's whirling at the moment with the amount of work it is trying to do. I have one novel out with a publisher for approval, one with beta readers for comments, a third in drafting stage and a fourth being born at the back of my brain. If the publisher does like the one I sent them they should be impressed what I will be able to offer them as a follow up. A three book contract won't be a problem at all. Mustn't count my chickens, however. Nose down and keep writing.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Spring has started with two major advances in my writing.
The first revised draft of The Man Who Didn't Like People has gone out to four beta readers for initial comments.
A submission for Murder For A Grandmother is packed up and ready to go off to a publisher on Monday.
I am hoping Murder For A Grandmother will be accepted as it has the potential for more commercial success and could lead to a new lifestyle for me if I decide to travel around writing new novels in the series at places I visit.
I would like The Man Who Didn't Like People to go to a publisher but if it doesn't I will self-publish so that it is in the same format as A New Era For Manny Youngman. I may even put a new cover on Manny so that the two have a similar look.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Steaming ahead

Eight months since my last post and in that time I have completed the first draft of The Man Who Didn't Like People and most of a structural edit and revise. The finished novel is going to be somewhere between 70,000 and 80,000 words and I am much more satisfied with the build up to the final scenes than I was with the first draft. I have not yet decided on the exact ending and will be offering two possible endings to my Beta Readers to see their reaction. This is perhaps not as dramatic as it sounds as both versions will have the same outcome but one will leave the reader with a slightly softer, more gentle feeling.
As soon as I get it finished and off to the Beta Readers I will be returning to my Grey Nomad detective series with the plan being to get one off to a possible publisher as soon as possible. Two of the novels are written and others are partly written or in outline form but I made some significant pov changes in the final version of the first of the series and will have to adapt the rest to be consistent. It is not a major task and something I can get on with while the publisher is making a decision.