Saturday, 12 September 2015

Holding the first copy of A New Era for Manny Youngman in my hand was one of the greatest feelings I have experienced. At last I have done it. I have a book with my name on it to show for all my years of writing and being rejected. OK so I had to publish it myself but that didn't diminish the feeling.
The first sale came as soon as I posted the news on the Rockingham Writers Centre Facebook page. Then Bec's friend Leslie came round to buy a copy and yesterday I sold four more at the ukulele group, with orders for at least two more. I also have two invitations to talk about the book - one to the local Probus group and another to the Donnybrook Writers Group.
AND the book is on Kobo as an e-book selling at $4.99. I haven't found it anywhere else, particularly on Amazon which I am told has the most sales, but I assume it is just taking its time.
I have also sent lots of copies to friends, so the first box of 25 is severely depleted. It will empty even more today when the family arrive for a lunch-time launch.
I have a marketing plan but had to hold off until it was somewhere as an e-book. I certainly don't want to be spending a lot of time mailing copies to people as direct sales. Also, an e-book is much more accessible to potential reviewers. Now I can get out there and start promoting it,
As far as I know, no-one has actually read it yet, so I can't tell what the reaction is. I dread the thought that people won't say anything - which will probably mean they hated it and don't want to tell me.
Too late now. It's out there.