Sunday, 20 September 2015

My first feedback from someone who is reading my book came from my grandson Bradley who is five chapters into it. His comments were that he and his partner, Danielle, agree with Manny's views on male/female relationships and that he particularly likes the way I show Manny's inner thoughts. This is very reassuring and particularly when it comes from a young man. I had imagined my readers mainly to be older women. If I can find a strong readership in Bad and Danielle's age group that would be excellent, I have now sold nine copies and more than twenty have been sent to family, potential reviewers and libraries. Hopefully that will produce some reviews on the Kobo website and Amazon, when the book is uploaded there. There is no sign of it so far but I'm told it can take a while. If I can get ten favourable reviews other web sites will take it up and promote it. Meanwhile I'm going back to Why Murder A Grandmother? I've got some ideas on how the story is going to develop in a way which will make using Tom and Joan as the povs work better.