Sunday, 14 February 2016

I've been working on a presentation to the Society of Women Writers WA on "The Realities of  Book Marketing" and it has been a very interesting project. Once you get through all the fluff and bullshit by so-called experts and work out who does know their stuff there does seem to be a sane way for authors to market their books provided they don't expect to be best-sellers overnight. It involves a combination of publicity to get your name as widely known as possible, some personal appearances for the same reason and to sell some hard-cover books directly,  the development of an e-mailing list of people who are likely to buy the sort of book you write and some techniques for persuading them to make the decision to buy. It also involves pacing yourself to spend a little time each day marketing while getting on with writing your next book. Now I've worked it out for the presentation I'm going to put it into practice and see if it works.