Monday, 24 September 2018


I've got a lot of darlings to kill in both the novels I have been working on. It is tempting at times to create characters to highlight one aspect of a story but then have to do something with them, so they take on a life of their own, cluttering up the plot and distracting from the main story line. Several of the possible suspects in Murder For A Grandmother  and an MP and a some of the hero's staff in The Man Who Voted For Australia are going to disappear. It is going to mean a bit of work but I think both novels are going to be a lot better for it. On an editor's advice I am also going to rename Murder For A Grandmother. It is now The Grey Nomad Detectives' First Case. Other books will be The Grey Nomad Detectives' Second Case etc. The grey nomad's idea is the one which will attract attention to the books.

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